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    There Is No "Them," Only Us!
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    MLK Flyer


    Dear Franklin Community:

    Franklin High School, Seattle’s oldest open high school, is thriving! Although actions and evidence look different at various times in our century-old history, Franklin has always been at the forefront of celebrating our common humanity and flourishing in our diversity. Franklin aims to create an environment that is safe and inclusive on all fronts. On the whole, we have always reached beyond ourselves and into the hearts and minds of difference. We are very fortunate to share a global learning community that honors diverse journeys, perspectives, and beliefs systems. We are ahead of our time and we are all stronger and wiser as a result.

    Franklin will continue to stand up for our core values. Further, we will stand with our community members who may be rendered vulnerable at any given time in our history. If need be, we will stand for our brothers and sisters.

    Hate has no home at Franklin High School.


    Franklin High School


    Our mission is to graduate students who have achieved academic excellence and who look forward to sharing their expertise, understanding, and compassion to create an increasingly peaceful and productive society.


    Franklin High School provides an inclusive, safe and academically challenging environment for all students.