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    SPS Technology Request | Restart Your SPS Laptop | See Attached Details | Before Tuesday!
    Posted on 09/07/2020
    Software update alert

    SPS Technology Request | Restart Your SPS Laptop

    The 1st Day of School had some technology challenges due to the high traffic and increase of users on our SPS network.  

    In order to correct the connectivity issues, you will need to help your student restart their district-provided device this weekend.



    Please follow these steps

    1. Plug your device into power
    2. Turn it on
    3. Connect to the internet
    4. Restart it and have your student log in
    5. Leave it on for an hour or two to receive new software updates before logging off

    It would be ideal if you could do this at least once or twice over the weekend before Tuesday, Sept 8 to be sure you get all the Windows updates as well.

    Also, please start it up and log in as early as possible before school starts on Tuesday.

    In general, we recommend restarting your device at least once a week.

    Here is how to reboot

    • Click Start\Windows button in lower left of the taskbar
    • Click power icon
    • Then select Restart

    Thank you and we hope everyone has a great school year! Department of Technology Services

    More details about restarting laptops from SPS.

    For technology information and supports visit our Technology Supports for Families webpage.



    Franklin tech support link




    Non-tech related questions? Please email FHS Administrative Secretary Edith Bocker at to get information and answers coming your way!

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