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    Franklin High School Course Offerings

    Franklin believes that in order for students to best develop their skills and talents, personalization is key! That is, working with small groups of students and teams of teachers allows students and teachers to know one another much more deeply thusly allowing us to support each other in our skill and talent development. Our academy structure is one of the KEYS to Franklin personalization of program. Further, we believe that all students can partake in a very rigorous course of study in preparation for college and the world of work. EFFORT, not innate ability, is at the root of most of our success!

    In the following course selections, you will see that each of our theme-based academies prepares students for college, for the world of work, and helps students to further their own self-development in the areas of character and civic responsibility. Each of the academies offers college level courses and offers many opportunities for students to earn college credit while in high school!! We have carefully developed our program to ensure there are many college preparation courses and that ALL students at Franklin have both access to them and supports to ensure success.

    Below is a list of college level courses at FHS. Each student at FHS will take at least one college level course while at Franklin. We encourage our students to take advantage of these courses while in high school to not only be better prepared for college and the work world , but also to help ease the cost of post-high school education by earning college credits or technical certification while in high school!

    College and College Prep Courses

    Advanced Placement (AP)
    English Literature and Composition (CREATE) *
    AP Human Geography (ALL Grade 10)
    AP American Government and Economics (PSA) *
    AP Calculus
    AP Chemistry
    AP Statistics
    AP Environmental Science
    AP Physics 1
    AP Computer Science
    AP Chinese
    AP Spanish
    AP Studio Art College in the High School (Language Arts)
    Running Start Courses