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    Freshman Experience

    Each ninth grade student is assigned to a team of teachers when entering Franklin High School. That team is composed of a Language Arts teacher, a World History teacher and a Physical Science teacher. Those three teachers share the same group of students and those students travel together as a class between those three subjects. We feel that this structure makes a student's entry into Franklin more personal by giving students a common group of peers and a common group of teachers. These teachers work together throughout the year to create the best learning experience possible for each student. Each ninth grade team completes common projects, like Student Lead Conferences (SLCs) and the 9th Grade Poetry Slam.

    9th Grade Academy Mascots - Thunderbird, Grizzly, and Raven

    10th-12th Grade Academies

    After familiarizing themselves to the FHS campus during their 9th grade year, 10th grade students choose from one of four theme-based academies and follow this community until graduation. Similarly to their 9th grade academies, students will continue most academy courses in cohorts. These academies share common course content, skill development, and instructional practices.  what academy students join, they will participate in a carefully coordinated program of study that will take other interest-based elective courses, college preparatory course work and career exploration opportunities suited to their personal educational goals, whether in post-high school studies and/or work.

    Series of Academic Photos Featuring 2 Students in Class, Bird's Eye View of Homework, Teacher with Discussion Group, and Three Students in Class

    Currently, Upperclassmen choose from four academic communities to join. More information is provided on the individual academy pages: