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    Posted on 05/11/2018
    Test Scanton


    All Franklin High School Juniors will be taking the Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science (WaCAS) on Tuesday May 22 at 8:45am.  Students will be assigned to testing rooms based on their last name.  Testing is untimed, and students will return to classes once testing is completed.

    The new assessment is mandatory for all Grade 11 students in the state of Washington, though students will still be able to graduate if they do not pass this assessment. 

    The WaCAS assessment is based on the Next Generation Science standards being used in our Science classrooms at all grade levels.  The new standards are designed to mirror the thinking and practices used by scientists in the real world – focusing on the core ideas of science, science and engineering practices and key concepts that cut across all the disciplines of science.  This set of ideas and practices are key to preparing our students for any study in science they do beyond high school. 

    In addition, FHS Staff will be using this year’s WaCAS results in planning for instructional strategies to improve student Science skills in next year’s classes.  Students in the Class of 2021 and later are required to pass the WaCAS assessment in order to graduate and we need to be prepared in assisting them in meeting this requirement.

    If you have any questions on this and any other assessment requirements, please contact Mr. Jeffreys at (206) 252-6232 or by email at