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Picture Day Ordering, Make-Ups, & Retakes 11/22

UPDATE: November 15, 2022

Yuen Lui Studio will photograph makeup and retake photos at Franklin High School on Tuesday, November 22nd!

Preorder photos for the November 22 makeup & retake day

  1. Select the November 2022 gallery (this is for families whose students HAVE NOT YET had a photo taken this year)
  2. Enter your email address to order
  1. View and order photos that were ALREADY taken during this school year
  2. Select the October 2022 Gallery
  3. Follow the instructions for ordering

NOTE: The “online code” is your student’s school ID number (can be found on The Source)

Families who purchased picture day photos can return their orders in exchange for a retake photo at no charge

There is no need to place a new order or complete a form!

ID cards will be printed ONLY for students who have not had their photo taken this school year.

New IDs will NOT be printed for retakes!

Students that did not get a picture taken yet this year will receive a pass with a time to arrive to the auditorium. Only students with a pass at that time will get their picture taken.

Once all students have had an opportunity to have their picture taken, an announcement will be made and students that wish to have a retake will be permitted to come to the auditorium.

Retakes will not occur until the announcement is made to the whole school!

Dear Franklin Family,

Our first two picture days were full of success! However, not all students were able to get their pictures taken because there was not enough time. We will have one final picture day this year for (1) students who didn’t get their picture taken because time ran out and (2) students that need to retake their original pictures.

NOTE: New IDs will NOT be printed for retakes!

Students will be provided with a pass to the auditorium at their designated picture time if they did not have a picture taken yet this year. These students will receive their school ID and picture ordering code at this time. Students in Running Start should check in with their counselors for information about getting their picture taken.

Students that need to retake their school picture will be called to the auditorium over the intercom. Retakes will NOT occur before the announcement is made.

Picture Ordering

Yuen Lui Studio will photograph individual portraits of students and staff

  • ​Families can order photos here: 2022-23 Franklin High School Picture Day 10/27
  • Print preorders will be shipped directly to students’ homes within three weeks after the 11/22 picture day
  • Digital preorders will be sent via email within three weeks after the picture day (use “  to search your inbox/spam folders if you don’t see the email come through)
  • Photos will be available to view and order in mid-November using the student’s school ID number via the link above
  • Students will receive an ID card at the time of their photo
  • For questions, please contact