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    Pick up your orca card

    ORCA cards are distributed at the beginning of the school year. Newly enrolled students will have their card delivered to the school's main office 1-2 weeks after they start classes.  

    Update Due to COVID-19:

    How can I get a replacement while schools are closed due to COVID-19?

    Due to COVID-19, our normal ORCA card procedures are adapting to continuing building closures. Seattle Public Schools buildings are not serving as distribution centers as they normally would during the school year. 

    If you need to request a replacement card during the closures and during the summer, please e-mail and include the following information:

    • Student's name
    • Student's Seattle Public Schools ID#
    • A current phone number
    • A reason for the replacement: Lost/Stolen/Damaged

    A fee of $5.50 will be charged for the first replacement card, and $25.00 for any subsequent replacements.

    The replacement fee owed will need to be paid via School Pay. Proof of payment must be provided in order for a replacement ORCA card to be processed. ORCA cards will be delivered to your school.

    ORCA cards expire every year at the end of August.

    Addtional details...

    ORCA cards are provided to students in 6th-12th grade, who meet eligibility criteria in the Transportation Service Standards.

    For the 2020-21 school year, ORCA cards will also be provided to Seattle Public Schools students in 9th-12th grade who meet the requirements of the City of Seattle's ORCA Opportunity Program.

    ORCA cards distributed through the Transportation Department cover youth fare for unlimited travel on the following providers:

    • Bus: Community Transit, Everett Transit, Kitsap transit, King County Metro Transit, Pierce Transit, and Sound Transit

    • Rail: Sound Transit, Link light rail, Sound Transit Sounder train (including Rail Plus partnership with Amtrack Cascades), Seattle Center Monorail

    • Streetcar: Seattle Streetcar

    • Ferry: King County Water Taxi and Kitsap Local Ferries and Fast Ferries

    • Access Transportation: Metro and Kitsap Transit Access Transportation (eligible riders only)

    The ORCA card Conditions of Use form does not require a signature for 2020-21 in order to receive an ORCA card. Students and parents should review the form to understand the expectations for using an ORCA card on public transportation.


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