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    A Comprehensive Guide for Students and their Families Planning for High School and Beyond

    To our students and families:

    This handbook is meant to help you in the continuing journey of becoming a curious and confident learner during your high school years and beyond! It is our hope that from your first day of ninth grade, and through graduation, you make the informed decision to challenge yourself with a rigorous course load and aim for what inspires you beyond high school. High school graduation along with a clear vision for a joyful and successful post-high school life are our goals for each and every FHS scholar!

     As a high school student, the prospect of making plans for the years after graduation may appear complex, daunting, exhilarating and/or exciting. As you move through high school and transition from dependence to independence, it is incumbent upon our work together to prepare you for any post-high school opportunity. After high school, whether you intend to go on to a two-year or four-year college/university, a tech or trade school, enter the workforce or join the military, it is necessary to challenge yourself beginning in ninth grade. By doing so, you will be committing yourself to growth in your personal, academic, and career goals beyond high school.

     In this handbook, you will be introduced to the Washington State, Seattle School District, and Franklin High School policies, guidelines, and requirements for high school graduation for 2021-22 and beyond. Within the graduation requirements set by the Washington State legislature, you will find an emphasis upon meeting certain proficiency standards or levels (as measured by the state Smarter Balanced tests or other alternative graduation pathways), completing a culminating (Senior) project requiring a research, writing, and presentation piece, completion of a “High School and Beyond” plan (outlining goals for your high school years and the first year after graduation), and completing 60 service learning hours. The Seattle School District has amended the high school graduation credit distribution requirements and has refined the skill-based proficiencies to comply with new Washington State guidelines.

     In the sections covering planning and registration, you will find course and program descriptions in each of the core and elective subject areas offered to FHS students. Detailed information is provided regarding courses that fulfill graduation requirements and those that may be used as exceptions or waivers for some of the specific requirements. In addition, a list and descriptions of our non-departmental support services are included.

    Remember, you will choose your path through high school as you explore your passions. Your success depends on your effort and your personal discipline to stay focused on your schoolwork in every class, every day. We look forward to supporting you in your journey through high school!