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    Welcome to Franklin High! The School Nurse Office is inside the Teen Health Center on the 2nd floor across from the Academic Counseling Office.

    The School Nurse can see all students, advise and help figure out if they require further medical attention. If students are sick and need to leave school, parent/guardian permission is required for anyone under 18. The School Nurse will contact family/guardians to get permission for sick or injured students to go home. Students then check out of the Attendance Office where they turn in a Permission to Leave slip and the absence is excused. Please update your numbers with the office so the Nurse or other School staff can reach you in the event of illness, injury or an emergency. Always call the school any time your student is absent, in order to make it an “excused” absence- it is helpful for us to know if it is illness or appointment related. If your student is injured or ill and has activity or academic restrictions, please bring a current letter from the doctor/provider outlining exactly what the restrictions are.

    If your student has a chronic health condition like diabetes, severe asthma or life threatening allergies to name a few, call the Nurse at 206-252-6157 or visit the School Nurse at the start of the year, preferably before the student’s first day of school. Many chronic conditions require that students have medications in the health office or with them in their backpacks- please make sure to fill out a new Authorization for Medication at School form every year in August. The family/guardians fill the top box and the Provider/Doctor/Clinic fills the bottom box. The School Nurse can fax the form to your student’s clinic to save you a trip.

    If your student needs shots, a sports physical, an ibuprofen for cramps or for a headache during the day, have them visit or contact the Teen Health Center directly at 206-326-2750. Ms. Ronica the Clinic Coordinator schedules all appointments. The Teen Health Center also has a mobile Dental Clinic that comes every second Tuesday. All services at the Teen Health Center are free and confidential. Franklin’s THC is run by Kaiser Permanente and funded by a city levy. A parent or guardian must sign a consent form for a student to be seen, except in the areas of mental health and sexual/reproductive health- for which, by state law, minors give their own consent.

    Required Vaccinations for School Attendance
    Seattle Public Schools (SPS) recently changed its process for checking if students are up to date with all their shots. As of last year SPS now uses the Washington State Immunization Registry to verify if a student has all their shots. SPS no longer accepts parent reported vaccine forms and vaccine dates that were collected from families in the past have not been saved. Therefore, please check with your clinics to make sure they have updated the State Registry with all the shots your student has received since they were little. If your student has arrived from another state or country we will need official documentation from a clinic/doctor; without that documentation students will need to get any missing immunizations. Throughout the year the School Nurse sends letters home via student backpack, alerting families when the Registry shows that shots are missing. Families are able to log into the Washington Immunization Registry to print their students’ shot record at any time using this link:

    Encouraged vaccination: Meningococcal
    Meningococcal disease is a rare, potentially fatal bacterial infection that can cause meningitis—a severe swelling of the brain and spinal cord, or a severe blood infection. Close contact in crowded conditions appears to put teens at greater risk. The illness often begins with symptoms that look like other common viral illnesses such as the flu. However, meningitis can get worse very rapidly resulting in death or permanent disability. The most common signs and symptoms are headache, fever, stiff neck, extreme tiredness, vomiting, sensitivity to light, and a rash of small purplish black-red dots.

    Meningococcal vaccination prevents up to 83% of cases of meningitis. Find out more at

    Free/Reduced Meals – Food isn’t the only benefit
    If your student might be eligible for free/reduced meals (FRM) please complete the form you received in your first-day packet or request another. Students who eat breakfast and lunch feel better, focus better and attend school more than students who skip meals. FRM status also qualifies students for fee waivers for the PSAT, ACT, SAT, & college application fees, and helps Franklin qualify for additional federal and state education funding. You can fill and submit the form online from the SPS website. When you apply, everyone wins!

    Vision and Hearing Screen
    These screenings are not done routinely in high school, but can be done by request. Have your student visit our office, or call the School Nurse if there are concerns related to vision or hearing with your teenager.

    2nd Floor
    (Across from Counseling Office)

    Office Hours
    Monday - Friday
    8:25 a.m. – 3:55 p.m.
    (Closed during 5th Period)

    Contact Info
    Amnah King, RN

    (Tuesday - Friday)
    Andrea Kurtzman, RN
    (confidential fax 206-252-6344)