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    ASB activities are student-led and student-directed. Before you start this process, remember to PLAN AHEAD. Allow time for your club to meet, plan, and record your plan in meeting notes/minutes. We hope that the following forms and processes will help you in your planning.


    Submit all forms, minutes, and requests in hard copy to the ASB drop box located in the attendance office by Tuesday at STAR if you want the ASB to add it to their agenda for their weekly Wednesday meetings. Join us in the ASB room any day during STAR break or on Wednesdays for our ASB meetings.


    How do you spend ASB money?

    How do you raise ASB money?

    • Your events must be approved by the ASB and added to the calendar. Complete section A of the ASB Activities Approval Form.
    • Submit meeting notes/minutes with your request.
    • Maintain your inventory if you are selling something for your fundraiser.
    • Follow the ticket sale process if you are selling tickets to an event.
    • After your fundraiser, complete section C of the ASB Activities Approval Form and reflect on the fundraiser in your meeting notes/minutes.
    • Private fundraising for charitable organizations has a separate process. If you would like to collect funds for another organization find out their tax ID code and complete this paperwork.

    How do we build an ASB budget?

    • Only active student organizations with approved budgets may raise or spend money.
    • Find more information about the budgeting process here. How does your club govern itself?
    • Do you need to update your club’s constitution? Check out these examples  and resources.

    What other important rules and information should we know?

    How can I request ASB or additional help with all of these rules?

    How do you start a club at Franklin High School?

    • Complete an ASB Club Application & Bylaws form and submit to the ASB mailbox in the attendance office.
    • All student organizations require a staff advisor. You can ask a staff member to advise your student organization or ask the ASB for help with finding an advisor.
    • Plan to attend the next ASB meeting to share additional information about your club.

    ASB Officers 2017-2018



    ASB President - Ricky Bondoc

    ASB Vice President - Kayla Taylor

    ASB Secretary - Michael Adams

    ASB Treasurer - Annie Vo

    ASB Spirit Commissioner - Ashleen Nair

    ASB Director of Communications - Nyela Richardson

    ASB Club Director - Adem Hayyu

    ASB Advisor - Jolene Mccann


    2018 Senior Class Officers

    Senior Class President - Kennadi Hairston

    Senior Class Vice President - Angelo Belicina

    Senior Class Secretary - Maria Gloria

    Senior Class Treasurer- Venus Ramos

    Senior Class Advisor - Joshua Tashima-Boyd


    2019 Junior Class Officers

    Junior Class President - Hazel Ostroski

    Junior Class Vice President - Gabi Masmela

    Junior Class Secretary - Aysah Jacob

    Junior Class Treasurer - Lauren Nguyen

    Junior Class Advisor -David Ehrich


    2020 Sophomore Class Officers

    Sophomore Class President - Jemma Alexander

    Sophomore Class Secretary - Helina Gebre

    Sophomore Class Treasurer - Elainie Kassa

    Sophomore Class Advisor - Olivia Geffner

    Sophomore Class Advisor - Caitlin Honig