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FHS Student Clubs

FHS students lead many clubs that cover a range of passions: social activism, ethnic identity, or shared hobbies!

If you are interested in joining a student organization, simply show up at their next meeting and start getting involved on campus. For a complete list of specific meeting times and locations, visit the ASB room.

Current Clubs, Advisors, Email

If you do not see a club in which you are interested, you can form a new club! For details, check in with Ms. Paloma in the ASB Room or email her at!

Club NameAdvisorsAdvisor Email
African Student UnionMs.
Art of Resistance & ResilienceLauren
Asian Student AssociationMr. De
Astronomy & Astrology ClubMs.
Badminton ClubMr.
Black Student UnionMr.
Chess ClubMr.
Digital Music ClubTeacher
Drama ClubMs.
Earth Corp ClubMr.
Garden ClubMr.
Girls Who CodeMr.
G.L.O.W. (Gay, Lesbian, or Whatever)Ms.
Health Occupation
Student Association
K-Pop Dance ClubMs.
Key ClubMs. Gatti,
Mr. Pham;
Lacrosse ClubMr.
Latinx ClubMr.
Lion Dance ClubMs.
Mock TrialMs.
National Honor
Society (NHS)
Ms. Jones,
Ms. Honig;
Pasefika Club
(Polynesian Club)
Ms. Agnes,
Mr. Greg; 
Video Game ClubMr.
Vietnamese ClubMr. Ngoc
Victory ClubMr. Baker,
Ms. White,
Ms. Agnes;; 
Writing & Poetry ClubMs.
Yarn ClubMs.
Yearbook ClubEric

Student Clubs FAQs

How do I start a club?

  1. Find a staff advisor
  2. Identify four students to serve as officers
  3. Complete the Club Leadership, Bylaws, & Budget Document
  4. Submit the online Club Registration Form
  5. Wait to hear from an ASB Officer with approval to gain access to your ASB account

How do you plan an event at FHS?

  • ASB organizations may request the use of Franklin facilities for approved events. Review the school calendar (visit the school website or visit Ms. JJ in the Main Office) to determine what dates are available for your event.
  • Complete the event request form (on paper) and return it to Ms. Paloma in the ASB Room.
  • If your event will include fundraising, you must also complete the appropriate fundraising documents.

How do you advertise your event?

What are the rules about signage (use of flyers, banners, etc.) to promote your event?

  • Activities advertisements cannot be posted over murals.
  • Remove your signs after the event.
  • Do not post over other student organizations’ posters.
  • Content must be school appropriate.

How do you prepare for an event?

Students setting up for an event after school must have their staff advisor on-site.

Organizations are responsible for having security and custodial staff on site if an event requires these services.

All events require administration (principal) approval!

What are the rules for fundraising?

ASB organizations are permitted to fundraise, but all organizations must follow district and state guidelines. Check out the fundraising handbook. Advisors, officers, and team captains are responsible for following these rules and attending a fundraising orientation prior to doing any fundraiser.

How do you plan a fundraiser at FHS?

Completing the proper pre-approval paperwork for your event or fundraiser is essential. ASB organizations are not permitted to host events or to coordinate fundraisers that have not been approved by the Activities Coordinator.

Planning ahead prevents scheduling problems and ensures that all fundraising procedures are followed. Start with a copy of your meeting minutes and the pre-approval form.

How do you handle money during a fundraiser?

ASB student organizations must follow the proper processes for depositing and withdrawing their funds. Check in with the Fiscal Office on the 2nd Floor (Room 203A) before your event if you have to clarify questions!