FHS Assessment Updates 2021-2022

EXAM FEE: $103 per exam. Exam fees will be paid on SchoolPay via the Parent Source Account.

FRL STUDENTS: Pay no exam fees if are eligible for FRL. HOWEVER, Student families MUST submit the FRL form at and check the box for AP exams to be eligible for the free exams if approved. Otherwise, they will have to pay the full exam fee.

DUE DATE: ALL EXAM REGISTRATION AND EXAM FEES HAVE TO BE PAID OR FRL STATUS CONFIRMED BY FRIDAY NOVEMBER 5! Registrations that are not paid by Nov 5 will be cancelled and exams will not be ordered.

How to Register and Pay for AP Exams

Follow these steps to register for an AP exam at Franklin High School:

  1. Sign in to and enroll in your AP class sections using the unique join code provided by your AP teachers.
    • Students must create a CollegeBoard account if they have not already done so.
  2. For each exam, confirm your exam registration status before Nov 5 by selecting YES.
  3. Make AP exam payment via SchoolPay on a Parent Source Account before Nov 5. Keep a copy of the receipt for your records. The standard exam fee is $103.00.

    Fee Waivers:
  4. Students who cancel an exam BEFORE March 1 will be charged $40 per exam.
  5. NO refunds after March 1.

AP Exams will be in person in May. Refer to the College Board AP Exam May 2022 Calendar for specific testing days and times. 

Questions? Email Jim Jeffreys, FHS Assessment Guy, at

SPS Testing and Assessment:

SPS School-Day PSAT and SAT:

SPS School Day PSAT 

Typically these tests are offered to all Sophomores and Juniors free of charge; no pre-registration is required. The PSAT helps Juniors prepare for the SAT and is used to qualify students for scholarships and advanced learning opportunities. Visit the PSAT Details page for more information.

SPS School Day SAT 

The SAT is typically offered to all Juniors free of charge; no pre-registration is required. For the School Year 2021-2022 the SAT is offered to all Seniors. Visit the SAT Details page for more updates.

College Entrance Tests (ACT, COMPASS, MPT, SAT)

For questions regarding College Entrance Tests, contact your counselor for more information.

If you are a junior and have not signed up to take one of these tests, and plan to apply to a 4 year college, sign up in the Spring. Fee waivers for these tests are available (from your counselor) for students who have free or reduced lunch.

If you are a senior, plan to take the SAT or ACT once more in the Fall to make sure you have your best score available for colleges.

SAT and ACT Test Info

To sign up for the ACT and learn upcoming ACT test dates, visit the ACT Website .

To sign up for the SAT and learn upcoming SAT test dates, visit the SAT Website .

SAT and ACT Test Prep

Visit the  Counseling Office Page for more information.

Placement Test

FHS Running Start students take a placement Test.

For questions regarding any FHS assessments, contact Mr. Jim Jeffreys or your counselor.