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Franklin Athletics

Coach Contact Information

Franklin High School’s athletic program features three sports seasons. For additional information on these teams, please contact the coaches below.

Fall Sports

Cross Country
Darrell Lee

Terry Green

Golf (Coed)
Lloyd Laigo

Soccer (Girls)
Mark Megathlin

Swim & Dive (Girls)
Mark Nichols

Gabriele Masmela

Winter Sports

Basketball (Boys)
Craig Jackson

Basketball (Girls)
Tavar Proctor

Swim & Dive (Boys)
Mark Nichols

Wayne Hauser

Spring Sports

Zach Beatty

Soccer (Boys)
Chris Larson


Cedric Dennard

Tennis (Coed)

Jeffrey Nomura

Track & Field (Boys)
Colin Johnson

Track & Field (Girls)
Clare Megathlin

Club Sports Contact Info

FHS’s athletic program also includes our club sports. Please note these clubs are not recognized as WIAA (Washington Interscholastic Activities Association) sanctioned sports. For additional information, please contact the coaches below.

Lacrosse (Boys)
Tony Foland
Jeremy Higuchi

Ultimate Frisbee (Boys)
Anthony Ziegler

Unified Sports
Fred Bauer

Ultimate Frisbee (Girls)
Hana Kawai

School Spirit

Franklin is the proud home of the Quakers. These student groups spread this school spirit during assemblies, athletic events, and home games. For additional information, please contact the advisers below.

Cheer – Shay Cooper

Band – Elizabeth Harris Scruggs