Franklin High School

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Graduation Requirements

Franklin Graduation Requirements

24 Credits

Graduation Checklist

24 credits are required for graduation. The credit requirements are minimums both in terms of total credits required for graduation and for credits in the various subject areas. To ensure both work and college readiness, the district encourage students to exceed the requirements.  

Read more on the SPS Graduation Requirements webpage.

High School and Beyond Plan

High School andBeyond Planning is a state requirement which helps students walkthrough the process of goal setting, future planning and self assessment. Students learn about their learning styles, career interests and they are asked to consider how the courses they select support their career goals. Additionally, students learn about college costs and selecting a college that meets the students needs.  Students are encouraged to change their goals and plans as they move towards graduation to include their new interests and knowledge.

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Seattle Public Schools uses Naviance to support our Advisory and High School and Beyond Plan programs. If families choose not to use this tool, their students will be given an alternative activity to meet the high school and beyond plan graduation requirement. Learn more about Naviance.

Service Learning Requirements

Service Learning Agreement

One of the graduation requirements for Seattle Public Schools is 60 hours of Service Learning. Service learning is giving time, without pay, to a non-profit or government agency. Service learning allows students to learn and to apply academic, social and personal skills through activities. Students make a difference and address authentic community needs. As part of service learning, students are asked to reflect and report on their experiences.

Summer hours that your student completes that meet the service-learning requirement can be counted toward the 60-hour graduation requirement, except for incoming freshmen who can claim only 15 service learning hours in the summer before they start at Franklin HS