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    A resume is a formal document created that showcases your background, skills and accomplishments.

    Every high school student should have a resume that tracks their activities and that they update every year so that it is ready to submit when opportunities arise for volunteer work, jobs, or internships.

    Video "How to Write A Resume - with no job experience"

    Video - "Careers and Resumes Part 5" 

    Top tips:

    • Include your Name, Email and Phone Number, but not your address
    • Use ACTIVE and VARIED verbs to describe your background powerfully - 85 Action Verbs
    • Be creative for “experience” - Play a sport? Provide Childcare? Participate in a club? Volunteer somewhere? 
    • Bilingual or Trilingual or more? Add that and other skills you have!
    • Capitalize and use consistent formatting....Franklin High School has 3 capital letters!
    • Use the FREE resume templates on Google, Word, Pinterest or on Naviance to get started...
    • Make a Linked In account too!
    • Get someone you trust to review and edit it!  Update and tailor it for particular jobs!

    resume sample