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Franklin ~ Attendance
Ali Abdella

Abdella, Ali

ML Teacher

Awdziejczyk, Alexis

Leonard Baker

Baker, Leonard

Special Education Asst/ISE - 203/7
Jeanette Bath

Bath, Jeanette

Special Education Asst/ISE - 203/7


I graduated from Franklin High School. I am proud and happy to be back, carrying on our tradition of quality education!

Zachary Benvenga

Benvenga, Zachary

PE Teacher
Christina Black

Black, Christina

Levy Coordinator

Blair, Rachelle

Multi Language/SS/ELA Teacher

Blume, Danielle

ELA Teacher

Bocker, Edith

Administrative Secretary

Bracey, Morgan

World Language Teacher
Brittni Bryan

Bryan, Brittni

Language Arts/Special Education Teacher
Ashley Burchett

Burchett, Ashley

Erin Burkhart

Burkhart, Erin

Math Teacher
Elizabeth Burks

Burks, Elizabeth

ELA Teacher
Sara Call staff photo

Call, Sara

Performing Arts & Theater Teacher

The arts bring people together; builds community and understanding between each other.  It is an essential part of student growth as a whole creative human being.  It is my honor to be Franklins’ Theater teacher.

Matt Carter

Carter, Matt

Special Education Teacher (XG)

Personal Message

We go to school for 180 days a year, and we are out of school for 185 days a year. What that means to me is that we make every minute of every day count! We don't have time for anything but focus, hard-work and learning. No sleeping in class! No cell-phones in class! This is your education, make the most of it!

Caudle, Robin

Special Education
Faith Chea

Chea, Faith

9th Grade Interventionist
Kwan Cheung

Cheung, Kwan

Bilingual IA