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Running Start

What is Running Start?

A dual credit program where you can complete HS requirements while earning credits toward a degree.


  • Gain college experience
  • Demonstrate academic rigor through the college experience
  • Take courses not offered at HS
  • Earn college credit

Enrollment Options


  • A student attends Central full-time. This schedule allows students to take up to 15 credits per quarter.
  • Option to take 1 FHS class.


  • The number of classes a student takes at Franklin dictates the number of credits a student can take at Central.
  • The typical schedule is 2 classes at Central & 2 at Franklin.
  • If a student has not completed Algebra 2 a student will not qualify for college-level math or science.

Requirements to be a Running Start Student

  • Must be a student of Junior/Senior standing
  • Must qualify for college-level courses (by taking placement test OR SAT, ACT, SBA)
  • Meet with your counselor each quarter

Understanding Credits

A 5-credit class in college = 1 year in HS (1 HS credit)

In other words…

1 College Course (1 Quarter, 11 Weeks, 5 credits) = 1 year of HS

Are you Ready?

A student may be academically qualified for Running Start, but may not be ready for college.

Consider: Academic Ability + Maturity = Success in Running Start

Time Management

  • Students may find the independence and speed of classes overwhelming
  • College courses require a greater degree of independent study compared to high school courses
  • College classes typically demand about 2 hours of studying for each hour of time in class

HS and College calendars are Different

When taking classes at the high school and the college simultaneously, breaks between terms do not line up. Students are expected to attend college classes even when the high school is on break.

Other Issues to Consider

  • High School has final authority on high school graduation requirements
  • College classes designed for adult learners, class content will not be censored for younger students
  • Poor performance can jeopardize high school graduation and future college plans or scholarship opportunities
  • FERPA: Federal privacy law limits parents’ or guardians’ access to educational information about students
  • Access Support Services are available at the college for students with IEP or 504 status but might look different than what is provided by the high school

What does it cost?

Running Start will cover tuition costs, but here are things that YOU will have to pay yourself:

  • Placement Test Fee
  • Textbook & Supplies
  • Registration & Course Fees (e.g. Lab fee)
  • Transportation
  • Tuition exceeding allowed credit limits
    • RS pays for a MAXIMUM of 15 credits. The amount of credit paid for depends on how many classes the student is taking at HS

For students who qualify for Free or Reduced-Price Lunch ALEKs Math placement fee is waived All registration and course fees are waived Borrow textbooks from the Running Start Office Art materials paid for in fine arts courses Must have a fee waiver form signed by a high school counselor

Enrollment Steps


  • Franklin Contract Graduation Checklist Course Plan Worksheet

Turn in the packet by May 5th Attend drop-in hours to sign Enrollment Form (EVF)

  • Complete Parent/Student Contract
    • Complete Graduation Check-List
    • Complete Course Plan Worksheet

Seattle Colleges


  • May 5: Turn in the packet to counseling: Contract Grad Checklist Course Planner
  • May 31: Last day to have Franklin’s counselor sign the enrollment form

Gentle Reminder

You will need to navigate the steps primarily on your own because you will be accessing a college program. By signing up for Running Start you are saying you can take on all these responsibilities. It will be more challenging when you’re on campus! You will need to get books, find classes, and reach out for support independently.

Academic Planning

  • A typical Junior will need to take…
    • credit English
    • credit Math
    • credit Science
    • credit US History (requires to take 2 courses)
    • Fine Art, CTE, or PE
  • Your Running Start classes cannot be scheduled at the same time as your Franklin classes. This is your Responsibility!

Example for Part-Time Running Start Student

2 classes at FHS + advisory (per semester) 10 credits at college (per quarter)

Classes at College

Fall Quarter: HIST& 136 (US History 1); ENGL& 101 (English Composition)
Winter Quarter: HIST& 137 (US History II); SPAN& 121 (Spanish 1)
Spring Quarter: GEOG& 100 (Intro to Geography); SPAN& 122 (Spanish 2)

Classes at Franklin

Semester 1: Science @ FHS; Math @ FHS
Semester 2: Science @ FHS; Math @ FHS

8 credits per year

Example for Full-Time Running Start Student

1 class at FHS + advisory (per semester) 15 credits at college (per quarter)

Classes at College

Fall Quarter: HIST& 136 (US History 1); ENGL& 101 (English Composition); MATH& 141 (Pre-Calculus 1)
Winter Quarter: HIST& 137 (US History 2); SPAN& 121 (Spanish 1);  BIOL& 100 (Survey of Biology w/ Lab)
Spring Quarter: ART& 100 (Art Appreciation); SPAN& 122 (Spanish 2); PEC 183 (Mindfulness for Success in School, Work & Beyond)

Classes at Franklin

Semester 1: Law and Society @ FHS
Semester 2: Law and Society @ FHS

MAX 15 credits at the college per year

How to look for classes

Note: Full-Time Running Start Students

  • Required to complete High School & Beyond Plan
  • Can participate as an FHS student in sports, clubs, leadership
  • Watch the school website for important dates that impact you: PSAT/SAT, SBAC testing, student assemblies, evening school events
  • All graduation requirements need to be completed by the end of the winter quarter of the graduation year.
    • Spring quarter for 12th grade is a bonus to prepare for your major!