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Service Learning

Service Learning for Franklin Students

For more information about options for community service or for assistance applying, please visit Franklin High School’s College and Career Center in Room 205A, on the 2nd floor next to the counseling office.

Community Service is fun, rewarding, and prepares you for college and career!

Graduation Requirement

Every high school student is required to complete at least 60 hours of service learning hours. We recommend you complete many more if possible to help you gain experience, explore careers, build leadership skills, make professional connections and give back to our community.

Community Service Learning Opportunities

Before you sign up, REFLECT about what you really care about…is it climate change, education, racial equity, STEM, social justice, the arts, or what matters most to YOU?  Then explore that interest and make a difference through service!

To get started, read through the list of opportunities in the link below and write a short email introducing yourself to the organization.

Submit Service Learning Hours

REMEMBER: After completing your service, don’t forget to turn in a completed service learning form to the counseling office to document your hours for high school graduation!

Service Learning Form

SAMPLE introduction email template:

Dear ______.

I am a student at Franklin High School who is hoping to volunteer with your organization.  I am interested in your organization because…..
My strengths and skills are…
My availability is…
How do I apply to volunteer with your organization?


Your Name
Your Email address