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    Attendance Information

    Students are expected to be in school and in class daily and on time. Punctual attendance is the first requirement for success – both here at Franklin and in life after graduation. Many of our teachers use instructional methods that require student participation; if students are absent, they miss out on that learning. Please note it is the guardian’s responsibility to excuse each absence; guardians need to notify the Attendance Office within two school days (48 hours) to excuse absences.

    Policies & Regulations:

    • What absences/tardies/early dismissals can be excused?

    Personal illness or injury, medical appointments, family emergencies, the illness, injury or death of a family member, religious holidays, or absences resulting from disciplinary actions and/or suspensions.

    • The Attendance Office requires a note from your child's doctor if your child is absent due to illness or injury for an excessive number of days (5 or more school days) before excusing those absences.
    • If an absence is excused, students shall be permitted upon request to make up all missed assignments outside of the class under reasonable conditions and time limits established by the school and/or teacher.
    • What absences/tardies/early dismissals are unexcused?

    All other reasons are considered unexcused, including absences/tardies caused by the student or parent oversleeping/“late starts.”

    • Frequent and consistent tardies because of traffic will not be excused.
    • At the teacher’s discretion, a student may or may not be permitted to make up missed assignments or exams as a result of an unexcused absence. Further, a student’s unexcused absence may disallow their participation in extra-curricular activities.
    • How are absences/tardies/early dismissals excused?

    Students will need:

    • a note signed by the parent or guardian confirming his or her absence/tardy/early dismissal
    • an email from the parent or guardian confirming his or her absence/tardy/early dismissal
    • a phone call (made to the Attendance Office phone) from the parent or guardian confirming his or her absence/tardy/early dismissal
    • The Attendance Office requires the reason why your child is absent in your note, email or call. A parent's request to "excuse my child's absence" without a stated reason or with a reason that does not meet the criteria for excused absences will result in the child's absence remaining unexcused.
    • What happens if my child is tardy to class or is late arriving at school?

      If the tardy is not excused, the student will check-in to Room 114 to receive a late pass to class. This pass will admit the student into his or her class, and the student will also check-in for detention.

    • Students will be assigned detention (40 minutes) for all unexcused tardies. Tardies to Periods 1-4 will result in Lunch Detention that day, and tardies to Periods 5-6 will result in After-School Detention that day. Students who miss 2 detentions will be assigned an in-house suspension.
    • What is a "Truant Day"?

    A student is considered to be truant if he/she is without a valid excuse from classes for more than half of a school day without parent/guardian authorization. The missed periods do not have to be consecutive. According to Washington State truancy laws, the District is required to file a truancy petition against a student when the student has seven truant days in a calendar month or ten cumulative truant days in a school year.

    • When parents/guardians fail to comply with the Compulsory Attendance law, the parents/guardians may also be subject to a truancy petition filed with Superior Court.

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    If you have specific questions about your student’s attendance, contact the Attendance Office at 206-252-6160


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