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McCann, Jolene

Social Studies Teacher

McClain, Dani

Science Teacher

McCullouch, Zakarrah

Instructional Assistant

McLennan, Che’lon M

Instructional Assistant - Special Education

Miyake, Ryan

Special Education Teacher - Distinct

Ng, Alex

Teacher - Visual Arts


My goal in life and work is to consistently grow into a better version of myself. I believe in critical consciousness and social justice and the power of relationships to enrich our lives and work.

I'm really into all kinds of art with a particular passion for drawing, painting, film, animation, and music. I am also way into video games and probably know more about video games than your kids.

Lastly, sushi is the best, steak is second, Chinese food and Indian food are tied for third, and tacos and pho round out the top 5.

,Personal Message

The stories we tell reveal who we are. If these stories don't change, we don't change.

Nguyen, Ngan

Math Teacher

O’Neil, Molly

Instructional Assistant

Obregon, Minnie

Special Education Teacher (XG)
Wendy Olsen

Olsen, Wendy

ELA Teacher/Special Education-XT

Orellana, Leonard


206-252-6191. Contact for building maintenance and assistance with student lockers.

Orozco (Farris), Kylie

Special Education Asst/ISE - 203/7

Palacios, Karol I

Bilingual Instructional Assistant

Paloma, Katelyn F

Activity Coordinator

Parker, James (Whitney)

Instructional Assistant

Parker, Charles

Student and Family Advocate, Kingmakers (Office of African American Male Achievement)

Peaslee, Mary

Teacher/Bilingual BS

Peterson, Curtis B

Fiscal Specialist

Pham, De

Math Teacher

Pham, Mai-Khanh

Social Studies Teacher